Strategic Focus

Strategic Focus: 3-Dimensional

Consulting : DIRECT

  • Diagnose the organizational environment, Values & Behaviors
  • Identify key issues
  • Recommend change / intervention with clear deliverables and time frame.
  • Enable / Engage / Empower
  • Correct / course correction, reaffirming the resolve/intent
  • Track the Change : Measure the Impact, ensure compliance


  • Understanding Organizational Objectives
  • Define Competencies – Current & Future
  • Assess Proficiency on Required Competencies
  • Identify Gaps
  • Provide L&D inputs based on 4 – Box Training Model
  • Measure Outcomes – Kirkpatrick model

Outsourcing : ITRAC

  • Identify key HR Business Processes with significant cost implications for the organization
  • Trace the value chain and identify areas of value dips
  • Assess alternatives and propose an outsourcing model with clear cost reduction opportunity to the organization and unlock value
  • Construct Service Level Agreements based on SMART targets

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