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Our Inspirations


J R D Tata

He epitomized ethics and values of business and believed in the fact that building a business enterprise and creating value for the nation are synonymous. An institution builder par excellence, he was the true architect of post-independence industrial revolution creating a breathtaking variety of successful businesses.


Rohinton D Aga

A rare combination of a leader, philosopher, manager and visionary, he broke new ground by effectively aligning human resources with an aggressive business strategy to create one of the finest examples of an autonomous work culture combined with a competitive business structure.


D H Ambani

He taught us how to dream big and think global brushing aside our inherent inhibitions. His phenomenal entrepreneurial spirit paved the way for creating one of the greatest examples of how a vision is translated into reality.

Key Strengths of Saffron


Our experience helps us bring the much needed clarity to strategic programs for any type of organization, from Family-Owned Businesses to MSMEs to MNCs.


All Saffron personnel are academically qualified and bring with them a rich experience of global best practices for delivering optimal solutions.


Our systems and processes are transparent and ensure track-ability of our solutions from inception to execution, paving the way for accountability at every step.


Saffron’s relies on globally accepted systems and professional software tools to manage, implement and track every stage of its solution implementation.

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