Let us get it straight, China is no friend of ours. Despite handing out a $50 Billion plus trade surplus annually on a platter, it stills sees us as an adversary and seeks to encircle and destroy us.

While our government is dealing with it militarily, politically, and diplomatically,I believe what will have bigger impact will be to hit back at China where it hurts most; and that is economically. And for that participation of the people of this country is extremely critical.

But this is not easy. Having allowed Chines goods – mostly cheap and often substandard- to get deeply entrenched into our lives, it is difficult to withdraw so suddenly.

But we hardly seem to have a choice. So, if we are serious about safeguarding our country’s future and live with honor and respect, we must begin to change our habits and behavior.

I have a few suggestions which I would like to put forward:

  • When it comes to buying Chinese products, we will have to differentiate between our “wants” and “needs”. Postpone your “wants’ for some time.
  • However, if it is something that I “need’, we must first look for an alternative, even if it is a bit costlier. If the alternative is not available, then we must consider either postponing or simply dropping the purchase. Mobile phones, TVs, Cars and Toys are some of the things that fall in this category. Look at South Korea, Japan, Vietnam for the alternatives and of course our own Indian alternatives. There is ample choice available.
  • And when it comes to buying Indian goods then we must buy even if we may not “need” it immediately. Just hit the “want” button at that time. For example, if I want to buy an LED bulb, buy Indian and buy two instead of one.

The objective is clear; when it comes to Indian goods, we have to generate demand and get the various industries off the ground. When they start producing and hit volumes, and as competition builds, quality will go up, costs will go down and local industry will begin to breathe. And then only they can start building for the world market.

Is it so simple? May be not, but do we have an alternative? Certainly not? On the other end is total subjugation of a great nation and becoming a colony like some of our neighbors.

For Chinese goods, do not buy even if you need it. And for Indian goods, buy even if you may not need it.

Think about it!


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