Managing Competencies

    Managing Competencies – Aligning Training Needs & Business Needs


    • A Fortune 100 Indian Multinational
    • Footprint : Global, across Multiple geographies
    • Target Group : Entire Managerial and Supervisory Cadre of the Organization


    • Lack of a structured and need based training assessment and delivery process
    • Training focus more on Knowledge enhancement rather than Skills and Behavior improvement
    • No scientific assessment of outcome and long-term relevance of training


    • Designed a comprehensive Competency Management System
    • Job related Competency Catalogues, Behavioral Definitions and Proficiency Levels developed comprising all dimensions of a job
    • Proficiency gaps linked to Training Delivery


    • Training focused on On the Job behavior and skill gaps rather than knowledge
    • Purposeful and outcome based training aligned with the organizational needs

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