Strategic Leadership Forum

    Strategic Leadership Forum – Aligning HR Strategy with Business Strategy


    • A Fortune 100 Indian Multinational
    • Footprint : Global, across Multiple geographies
    • Target Group : Entire Top Leadership Team


    • Lack of a common and cohesive strategy at top management level on crucial HR matters
    • Hoarding of Talent with almost non-existent Internal Job Market
    • Movement of talent across organization greatly hampered due to silo mentality
    • In the absence of a genuine visibility of talent, merit getting ignored


    • Conceptualized and convened a Strategic Leadership Forum
    • Encouraged a philosophy of Learn, Share and Discuss to arrive at a consensus on critical HR matters


    • Strengthening of a common, organizational approach
    • Availability of a large pool of high potential talent for the entire organization
    • Improved communication and uniform understanding on crucial HR policies

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